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Labour Hire and Recruitment Solutions St George

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St George is a rural and quaint Australian town situated on the Balonne River. It’s considered to be Queensland’s inland fishing capital and it’s also a centre for producing an abundance of wheat, wool, and cotton. In recent years, it’s expanded its produce variety to include fruits, grapes, vegetables, and beef, which has further stimulated and enriched the local economy.

The town is situated 557 km west of Brisbane. And like many other rural and remote locations, it’s faced with the challenge of sourcing enough labourers to meet seasonal demands where local labour is often not available. Labour Solutions Australia can help with this. We offer proactive solutions to find suitable candidates for even those seemingly impossible-to-fill roles. Partner with us to enjoy the endless benefits of an efficient, optimal, and compliant workforce.

Being responsive and agile is a huge part of what we do. If you need workers now, we have the expertise, network, sourcing channels, and processes in place to promptly deliver. Our mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations every time by sourcing the best workers available when and where you need them.

What’s more, our team of local industry experts are committed to creating long-standing relationships built on trust and integrity. We genuinely care about understanding your individual business and your specific requirements.

Contact us today to find out more about our labour hire and recruitment solutions within the St George region.