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About Us

Labour Solutions Australia is one of the country's leading workforce solution providers. Since 2004, we've delivered our clients with the people they need - regardless of where, when and who they're after.

Working across agriculture, building and construction, healthcare, FMCG and manufacturing, food processing, transport and logistics, we have an in-depth understanding of our client's industry and the challenges they face. We partner with them to provide scalable and efficient solutions to drive down cost and drive up production and performance.​

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    Candidates Placed Each Year

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    Contractors Currently Working for Us

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  • We're accredited with ISO 45001

    ISO 45001


Certifications and Memberships

Credibility, compliance, and a commitment to the highest standards are crucial within the recruitment and staffing industry. The following certifications and memberships demonstrate our pledge to have the highest quality policies and procedures in place that deliver outstanding customer service, as well as protecting candidates, contractors, and clients.


AS 4801
ISO 9001:2015
Staff Sure Certified
ISO 45001

Our memberships

AI Group Member
RCSA Corporate Member
Sedex Member
Our Core Values

Here at Labour Solutions Australia, we live and breath our core values. These are:

We're passionate about getting people jobs.
This is why we do what we do. Each one of our recruiters is devoted to connecting great people to great employers.

We embrace all cultures and every language.
Diversity is important to us. We are committed to equality and giving every person an opportunity, regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, and age.

We do what's fair and just.
Our client's legal and social responsibilities, as well as the welfare and safety of candidates, are paramount. So, we ensure we're fully compliant, our candidates are paid correctly and on time, and work within a safe environment.

Collaboration is prioritised.
When we work together, we achieve so much more. Not only is there a high degree of collaboration between the different functions at Labour Solutions Australia, but we also work with you - giving you the best outcome possible.

Adcorp Group

Labour Solutions Australia is part of the Adcorp Group. Operating throughout Australia and South Africa, Adcorp has over 45 years' experience and are experts at professional service-based solutions.

In Australia, they have a range of specialist brands. All of which produce innovative, transformative, and quality-driven project and workforce solutions.