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Agriculture Recruitment

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It's becoming more difficult to find skilled and unskilled agriculture labour. More so when trying to meet seasonal fluctuations and fill long-term roles in rural and remote locations.

We understand the unique challenges you face. For years, we've helped keep the operations of Australia's leading primary and secondary producers efficient and productive. And this is done by providing reliable and scalable workforces - no matter how remote the location.

We'll help you access local, regional, national, and global recruitment channels, including the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) scheme. So you'll receive quality workers for even those 'impossible to fill' roles.

Plus, you can be confident by sourcing your agriculture labour through us, you'll have a workforce that's compliant with the Fair Work Act and HR legislation. We'll also manage time-consuming admin activities, like payroll, on your behalf. So you can focus your full attention on running your business.

So from farm labourers, harvest crews, through to shed and planting workers, on a short-term, project, or long-term basis - we're able to supply you with an able and dependable workforce. Whenever and wherever you need them.

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Our agriculture recruitment services include the following roles:

  • Cotton ginning labourers

  • Drivers

  • Forklift operators

  • Gardeners

  • Grain handlers

  • Jackaroos

  • Leading hands

  • Piggery attendants

  • Station managers

  • Domestic staff

  • Farm hands

  • Fruit handlers / packers

  • General labourers

  • Irrigation workers

  • Knife handlers

  • Overseers

  • Process workers

  • Stock handlers