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Safety is at the forefront of who we are. It's ingrained into our culture, leadership, and actions throughout every level of our business.

We understand everyone has the right to feel protected at work and return home safe each day. This is why we operate under a zero-harm strategy, and follow a 'Think Safe, Work Safe, Stay Safe' mantra.

By implementing exceptional worksite standards, life-saving rules, and effective return-to-work outcomes, we remain committed to investing our time, energy, and resources into prioritising safety in the workforce.

What's more, Labour Solutions Australia employs industry-leading safety and injury management software and systems. This means we only use the best tools available to effectively manage, monitor, and track any incidents that occur on site.

At Labour Solutions Australia we:

  • Are accredited in line with ISO 45001.

  • Implement efficient risk assessment, incident management, reporting and investigation.

  • Offer ongoing safety support and training through our 'Strive for Safety' program.

  • Can provide physical assessments and drug and alcohol testing.

  • Employ industry-leading safety and injury management software.

  • Promote and advocate for employee wellbeing and mental health.

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Submit a Safety Report

If you've experienced an incident, near miss, or have a concern related to safety, please let us know!

You should always feel comfortable reporting any issues or concerns, no matter how minor they may seem. Workers are the eye and ears of the workplace and open communication is essential for confronting safety issues head on.

Each case will be treated with strict confidentially and handled personally by one of our risk managers.

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