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Food Processing Jobs

Food Processing Jobs

​You've come to the right place if you're wanting to work within the food processing industry. Through our long-standing relationships with some of Australia's leading food processing companies, we have a number of opportunities available.

Food processing is one of the most rapidly expanding sectors in Australia. The ever-increasing demand for local produce, combined with our growing population, means there are endless job opportunities.

And we only partner with businesses that value safety and integrity as highly as we do. So you can relax knowing we're committed to your career goals, wellbeing, and safety.

The Food Processing Industry
This industry sits within a larger production chain that includes a network involved in growing, processing, and selling the food that we all eat.

Australia's food processing industry comprises of two primary sectors:

  • Food, beverage, and pharmaceutical product manufacturing

  • Meat

These two sectors are made up of the following:

  • Food processing and manufacturing

  • Meat processing (including abattoirs)

  • Feedlots and wild game harvesting

  • Beverage manufacturing

  • Pharmaceutical and manufacturing

Labour Solutions Australia offers opportunities with both large and small scale food processors, located throughout metro and regional Australia. Browse through all our available jobs here, or see our latest jobs below.