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Wheat farming in Narrabri

Labour Hire and Recruitment Solutions Narrabri

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Positioned in the heart of the Namoi Valley, the Narrabri Shire is known for its cereal, cotton, and pulse crops, as well as for beef and sheep farming. It's viewed as one of Australia's most productive agricultural areas and a major source of food and cotton for the rest of the country.

There's no shortage of work opportunities within the region. However, like with many regional and remote areas of Australia, it's become increasingly difficult to attract and retain quality workers.

That's why it's crucial to partner with a labour hire and workforce solutions provider that knows your local area. Who also has access to a large candidate database, multiple sourcing channels, as well as proven marketing strategies to attract high volumes of applicants.

Labour Solutions Australia have been working with businesses within the Narrabri region for decades. We've helped businesses like yours meet seasonal demands with able and reliable labour. Plus, we're one of the few labour hire suppliers authorised to provide international workers through the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) scheme.

So, if you're struggling to source individuals to work on your farms, facilities, and local businesses, fill out the below contact form today. We'll help you find the labour you need with our labour hire and recruitment solutions within the Narrabri Shire.