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Labour Hire and Recruitment Solutions Mount Isa

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Situated in a remote corner of Queensland, Mount Isa is famous for its abundant mineral resources. It's also the country's fifth largest beef production region and has a thriving local business community. Despite the opportunity available here, it's a struggle for local employers to find the right people to work for their businesses.

This is where we can help. Labour Solutions Australia has a long history supplying the Mount Isa region with labour hire and workforce solutions. Using our extensive networks, comprehensive database of pre-vetted candidates, as well as local and international sourcing channels - we can fill your open roles with skilled and unskilled labour, even those 'hardest-to-fill'.

Plus, we're also experts at sourcing all-important managerial and back-office positions. So, whether you're looking for casual, temporary, or permanent staff, you can be assured the candidates we put forward really are the cream of the crop.

What's more, we can also manage payroll, industrial relations, and HR advice on your behalf. This gives you piece of mind knowing your compliant with employment law. And it ultimately frees you up to focus energy on your core business.

Fill out the below form and one of our team members will be in touch to our labour hire and recruitment solutions within the Mount Isa region.