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Labour Hire and Recruitment Solutions Mackay

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Mackay has a rich history as one of Australia's largest sugarcane farming areas that underpins the entire region. However, in recent years Mackay’s mining industry has also rapidly evolved, becoming a major focal point of this area’s economy.

Labour Solutions Australia has a deep understanding of the local area and are well-positioned to deliver qualified and committed workers to your business. As Mackay’s recruitment and labour hire specialist, we support a wide portion of the engineering, manufacturing, and mining services in the wider Mackay, Isaac, and Whitsunday economy.

We recognise your urgency to maintain an efficient and committed workforce to take full advantage of available resources and maximise your overall output. So, by working with us, you'll get access to our extensive candidate database. This means you'll have readily available workers for FIFO, DIDO, temporary, contract, and permanent positions, when required. Combine this with our innovative candidate sourcing strategies to attract workers from all across the globe, we’re confident we can meet all your labour hire demands.

Contact us today to find out more about our labour hire and recruitment solutions within the Mackay region.