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Warehouse jobs – what you need to know

​If you’ve been considering a job as a warehouse worker, then you’re in luck.

Warehouse job openings have skyrocketed in recent years. In today’s modern age, people rely on online shopping. Plus, there’s a growing demand and expectation for readily accessible goods across the globe. As these products need to be stored, managed and sent out for distribution, this means there’s more opportunities for warehouse workers than ever before.

The warehouse industry

Warehousing falls under the over-arching transport and logistics industry, and employs approximately 632,700 Australians. This equates to almost 5 per cent of the total workforce. Job growth is expected to increase in coming years, making it a stable and secure career choice for individuals.

Duties and tasks

So, what's it actually like to be a warehouse worker? Typically, workers receive, handle, store and send goods. These tasks take place in a warehouse or distribution centre, usually under the supervision of a warehouse manager.

Daily tasks include:

  • Unloading trucks, and opening containers and crates.

  • Checking the correct items are received and inspecting items for any damage.

  • Sorting and storing items on shelves.

  • Counting inventory stock.

  • Picking and packing orders and preparing them for delivery.

  • Preparing shipping documents that are needed for delivery.

  • Maintaining a clean and tidy work area to ensure a safe working environment.

Experience and qualifications

Most warehouse jobs are entry-level positions that don’t require any higher-education qualifications. You’ll be provided with on-site training and a safety induction. So, you’ll be well equipped and confident performing your daily tasks. As the nature of work is physical, it tends to be learnt and developed on the job.

Many warehouse workers hold a valid forklift operator license. This enables them to drive a forklift safely and efficiently. You may be required to complete an approved forklift training course. These are typically between three to five days in duration. Warehouse workers are also often requested to obtain a high-risk work licence through Safe Work Australia.

Companies will likely run a police check and require you to pass a drug and alcohol test before you can start working for them.

Skills and attributes

The most in demand skills required to be a successful warehouse worker include:

  • Physical fitness and stamina. This is because warehouse work generally involves manual handling and heavy lifting.

  • The ability to work in a fast environment and under pressure.

  • Reliable and self-motivated to meet demands and delivery deadlines.

  • Attention to detail. This is incredibly important when checking and labelling stock and preparing warehouse documentation.

  • Organisational skills to process and prepare orders, and record inventory.

  • Have a flexible approach to hours, and willingness to work shifts.

  • An understanding of the importance of safety. In a warehouse environment, it's critical to maintain a safe worksite at all times.

Salary and career growth

As an entry-level warehouse worker, you can expect to earn between $45,000 and $55,000 per year.

Landing a job in a warehouse opens the door for many career growth opportunities. You’ll acquire valuable skills and gain experience in one of Australia’s largest growing industries. It’s a great first step towards a successful and rewarding career in logistics and supply chain management.

During your time as a warehouse worker, you’ll gain an understanding on common warehousing processes and practises. This will provide a solid foundation to then progress to roles such:

  • Team leader

  • Driver

  • Warehouse supervisor

  • Warehouse manager.

You could also explore alternative career paths within the warehousing sector, such as an administrative or office role. This could include working within the procurement or operations department of the business.


There’s no denying warehouse work is a great option to consider. Job vacancies are growing and widespread, plus industry access is relatively easy to obtain.

It’s a dynamic and stimulating industry that offers excellent opportunities for personal career growth and development.

Take the first step and browse through our current warehouse jobs here.