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How to choose the right labour hire agency

​So, you’re considering using a labour hire agency. The likelihood is you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed by the process of choosing the right one.

While you may have some initial reservations about outsourcing your recruitment needs, partnering with the right labour hire agency can radically transform and excel your business.

Today, so many industries rely heavily on labour hire services, and it’s not hard to see why. Especially in blue-collar industries and the healthcare sector, where there’s an ongoing shortage of quality workers.

Benefits of utilising a labour hire agency like Labour Solutions Australia

There are so many benefits to using a labour hire company. For starters, you can save time and reduce costs associated with the lengthy recruitment, screening and interview process. Which allows you to focus on running your business and maximising profits.

The most important asset for any business is the people who work for it. Choosing the wrong workers can cause lost productivity and be detrimental to your organisations culture. When you work with the right labour hire agency, you’re outsourcing this incredibly important task to a group of experienced experts.

Labour hire companies can assist with:

  • Supplying quality workers fast.

  • Meeting client expectations.

  • Increasing production, output, or productivity.

  • Responding to fluctuations in demand.

  • Help with workforce management when taking on new projects.

Qualities of a great labour hire agency

Once your research begins, you’ll find a long list of potential agencies to choose from. With so many different service offerings out there, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Here are five top attributes to look out for when choosing the right labour hire company for your organisation:


The right labour hire agency will understand that each business is different. Supplying effective workforce solutions certainly isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Partner with an agency that works to truly understand your business and what makes it unique. They can then formulate a specifically targeted strategy that suits your requirements and budget.


We recommend choosing a labour hire agency that specialises in certain industries.

This means they’ll have a deeper understanding of industry trends, challenges, and market conditions. Work with recruiters who are experts in their chosen field, as opposed to a ‘jack of all trades’. This means you’re more likely to receive a customised, effective, and targeted workforce solution.

At Labour Solutions Australia, our capable team have specialisations in the following sectors:

Commitment to safety

Safety should be a priority for every labour hire agency. Everyone has the right to return home safely at the end of each day. And there are many steps and precautions labour hire companies can take to protect both employers and employees. This can include conducting regular risk assessments, incident management, reporting, and safety training.

Before you commit to using a labour hire provider, ask about their safety strategy and certifications, to ensure they’re up to standard.

Learn more about our commitment to safety here.


The recruitment sector has radically evolved in recent years. Which is why it’s beneficial to partner with a labour hire agency that utilises dynamic sourcing strategies, pioneering software, and innovative digital marketing methods to attract workers.

At Labour Solutions Australia, we utilise local, national, and international channels to find the right people every time. Plus, we stay ahead of the latest technologies to give us a competitive advantage against other labour suppliers.


Not all labour hire companies are created equal. Unfortunately, some cut corners to offer lower rates. One that does this can cost you serious amounts of time and money. Plus, create a headache of problems that could have been easily prevented.

Choosing a non-reputable agency can expose your business to a greater degree of risk. And with ever-changing legislation, it’s vital you partner with a reliable labour hire supplier that’s certified, accredited and up to date with the latest changes.

At Labour Solutions Australia we always adhere to the highest industry standards. Learn more about our history, reputation and certifications here.

Ultimately, you want to partner with someone you can trust, build rapport with, and who has the skills and experience to excel your workforce.

Contact us to learn more about our personalised service and how we can help you achieve your goals.