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Photograph of wheat field at dusk

Minimum wage introduced for Australian farm workers

Fair Work Australia has introduced a guaranteed minimum wage for Australian farm workers under the Horticulture Award.

This is big news for the Australian agriculture sector, which previously gave employers the option to pay their staff a piece rate. For context, a piece rate is when a worker is paid according to the amount of produce they pick. So, the more fruit or vegetables harvested, the more money a worker is paid. The new legislation aims to protect workers from being underpaid and exploited. Under this new move, farm workers will be entitled to a minimum wage of $25.41 per hour. This will provide them with a safety net and price floor. All workers under the Horticulture Award will now be paid for the hours of work they do, as opposed to being paid according to productivity, performance, or output.

The harvest trail is an incredible way to experience Australia, while earning money and learning new skills. With this new change in place, we hope it will be easier for farm workers and fruit pickers to understand how much they should get paid – even if English is not their first language. You don’t need to be an Australia citizen to be protected. Both backpackers and seasonal workers with valid visas have the same working rights as everyone else in Australia. This new ruling should empower workers, help ensure they are paid fairly, and have the best experience possible on Australia’s vibrant harvest trail. For more information on awards, pay, and working conditions, visit the Fair Work Australia website.

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