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What is the Seasonal Worker Programme?

​The Seasonal Worker Programme was developed by the Federal Government to combat the seasonal labour shortages experienced in the Australian agriculture and accommodation sector.

It’s no secret it’s becoming increasingly difficult to source enough local workers to meet the seasonal demands of Australia’s thriving agriculture industry. Therefore, the Seasonal Worker Programme is an and effective solution that addresses these challenges by employing reliable and quality workers residing in the Pacific Islands and East Timor.

Labour Solutions Australia has been a committed partner of this initiative since it’s launch in 2011. We have witnessed first-hand the tremendous value and importance of the programme. It not only provides our regional clients with committed and available workers, but also delivers a source of income and opportunity to Pacific Island communities.

“It’s been an extremely rewarding and worthwhile initiative, and we couldn’t be prouder of our long-standing commitment and involvement in this programme” says Dave Comrie, Operations Manager at Labour Solutions Australia. “It allows us to better support our clients, while providing a once in a lifetime opportunity to so many Pacific Islanders and their families.”

The Australian agriculture sector has proven to be resilient time and time again, despite the immense challenges and unprecedented obstacles it’s faced. In recent years, the agriculture industry has had to persevere through droughts, workforce shortages, seasonal fluctuations of production, and most recently a global pandemic.

The repercussions of COVID-19 have certainly put a heavy strain on this industry that relies so heavily on backpackers and overseas workers. “Recent travel restrictions and quarantine regulations have further exacerbated the difficulties of finding candidates to fill these regional roles.” Dave explains.

“We have every confidence that the Seasonal Worker Programme will be needed more than ever following a particularly trialling and unprecedented few years.” Dave continues, “Regional employers will need to find alternative sources to meet workforce demands and explore avenues like the Seasonal Worker Programme to ease the burden and reduce the pressures of maintaining a compliant and reliable workforce.”

If you’re currently experiencing labour shortages, we’d love to have a no-obligation discussion to find out if you’re business is eligible for the Seasonal Worker Programme. Alternatively, there are so many different avenues we can take to meet your workforce requirements. Regardless of where you are, or who you need, we can deliver the right people directly to you.