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Blue collar smart casual work attire

What should I wear to a blue-collar job interview?

So, you’ve scored an interview for an upcoming blue-collar role, and naturally you want to make a good first impression. Yet, when it comes to dress code there’s no hard and fast rule like there typically is to ‘suit up’ in the corporate world.

To avoid confusion, we’ve thrown together a few points to ensure you’re not left underprepared and unsure on how to dress for the big day.

Don’t be scared to ask

When in doubt, reach out to the recruiter and ask what their preferred dress code for the interview is. Don’t worry – this won’t make you look clueless. It will demonstrate your attention to detail and show you genuinely care about getting the role and meeting their expectations.

Overdressed or underdressed?

Typically speaking it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. Although steel-cap boots and a hard-hat may be required on the job, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should wear them to an interview. There’s a saying that goes “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. Although this may seem a little bit cliché, it still holds a lot of value. Show the interviewer you’re serious about yourself and being successful.

As a rule of thumb, choose smart-casual attire. For men, consider wearing your best collared shirt, paired with a well-fitted jacket. Ladies can opt for a smart blouse, trousers or calf-length skirt, and a trendy pair of dress shoes.

First impressions last

There are many times in life when you get a second chance. Making a good first impression unfortunately isn’t one of them. So, presenting yourself professionally and dressing appropriately is worth it’s weight in gold when initially meeting the interviewer.

A simple thing like your attire can be the make-or-break factor between you and another potential candidate waiting outside.

Your body language is also extremely important when it comes to first impressions, so make sure you appear confident, positive, personable, and self-assured. Smile, look them directly in the eye, and offer a hand to shake.

Research indicates that first impressions only take seconds to form but can last for months. This highlights the importance of presentation and appearance when meeting any prospective employer.

The Do’s and Don’ts

When choosing your interview outfit, make sure you consider the following points:

  • Ensure your clothes are clean and free from creases.

  • Personal hygiene is always important. Come washed and well-groomed but stay away from overpowering cologne or perfume.

  • Avoid showing too much skin as this can look unprofessional. For example, short skirts and sleeveless shirts.

  • Aim to get at least nine hours of sleep the night prior to your interview. You want to look refreshed and alert.

  • Steer clear of statement clothing with slogans or distracting designs.

  • Familiarise yourself with the company’s culture and any polices they have relating to dress code or presentation. Ensure your appearance is compliant with their expectations, as they may have certain rules around things like facial piercings or covering tattoos.

  • Plan your outfit the night before. This will leave you feeling prepared and prevent poor, last-minute decisions. You could even run your chosen attire past a trusted friend or family member to get a second opinion.

  • Finally, make sure you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. This will be reflected through your overall confidence and attitude.

You’re now ready to dress for success at a blue-collar job interview!

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