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Apple orchard with freshly picked fruit

Finding harvest work

There are so many benefits that draw individuals to Australia’s thriving agriculture industry every year. What’s not to love? Working in the great outdoors in some of Australia’s most picturesque locations.

The harvest trail really is an amazing way to experience Australia. You’ll meet new people, earn money, and learn new skills. However, unfortunately not every company advertising harvest work is reputable, or has your best interests at heart like we do. In here we’ll discuss what to look out for when choosing an employer. This will ensure you’re treated fairly and have the best experience possible.

Research the employer

You may have seen stories circulating the media about businesses in the agriculture industry underpaying workers. Sadly, some employers try to take advantage of individuals, so it’s important you do your research.

Below are some simple steps you can take to make sure the employer is credible and professional:

  • Always request the employer’s business name and their Australian Business Number (ABN). This provides an element of authenticity.

  • Be cautious of job adverts and posts that don’t provide a business name or lack detail.

  • Ask around, look online, read reviews, and investigate what kind of reputation the business has before you consider applying.

  • Don’t be scared to ask about the company’s safety policy, procedures, and training. Your safety should be number one priority.

  • Utilise a professional recruitment or labour hire company. Businesses such as Labour Solutions Australia have incredibly high standards for vetting employers. You can lean on our expertise to connect you to the most trustworthy and highly regarded companies.

Research the job

Make sure you understand the requirements of the job and research what the role entails, so you don’t encounter any unexpected surprises. You should have a thorough understanding on the location, the harvest process, and the industry before expressing interest in the role.

Harvest work is extremely rewarding, but it can also be physically demanding. Your day-to-day activities may involve heavy lifting, carrying, and bending. Some jobs require prerequisites and skills such as obtaining a valid driver’s licence, or operating machinery. It’s important you check what’s required and determine if you’d be a good fit prior to applying.

Know your rights

Every worker has workplace rights. In Australia, these rights are protected by the law. They cover a range of things such as minimum pay, working conditions and discrimination. You don’t need to be an Australia citizen to be protected. Backpackers and seasonal workers with valid visas also have the same rights as everyone else in Australia.

It's important you know your rights and what you’re entitled too. Workers can earn an hourly rate or a piecework rate. A Piecework rate is where the money you earn is based on the amount you have picked, packed, or produced.

For more information on your rights, awards, pay, and working conditions, visit the Fair Work Australia website.

We’re committed to connecting you to the most reputable employers. This means you can rest assured and enjoy the benefits of competitive pay rates, excellent safety policies, additional training, and outstanding worksite standards. Let’s make sure your next agriculture adventure is one you’ll remember fondly forever. Register with Labour Solutions Australia today.