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Driving safely in severe conditions

Driving always requires concentration and skill. Combine this with a range of extreme conditions and the risk of accident or injury can quickly increase.

Driving can be extremely unpredictable. In Australia, we’re exposed to heavy rain, hail, snow, wind, fog, sun, and dust. We can navigate through rural locations, congested cities, wildlife hotspots, and rugged terrain all in the one journey.

Here are some tips to keep you safe when driving for work:

Always prepare

While you can’t control the roads, you can certainly prepare. Familiarise yourself with the route and set a realistic timeframe for your journey, incorporating adequate rest stops. Check the weather report prior to setting off and alert your supervisor of anything that could potentially cause a delay. Feeling stressed or rushed could result in increased risk-taking behaviour.

Check your vehicle

Ensure your vehicle is well maintained. This is particularly important when driving through various weather conditions. Inspect the tyre tread, air pressure, windshield wipers, defrosters, lights, and brakes. Alert your supervisor immediately if anything is amiss. When you return from your shift, report any damage or maintenance issues to management.

Secure your load

If you’re carrying a load, it’s your responsibility to ensure it’s secure and correctly restrained for the duration of your trip. The National Transport Commission provides information on this, and you can also download the Load Restraint Guide for both heavy and light vehicles.

Look after yourself

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s essential - especially when driving through dangerous conditions or driving at night. Recognise signs of fatigue, such as yawning, eye rubbing, restlessness, and an inability to concentrate. Get adequate rest prior to your shift, stay hydrated, eat nutritious food, and take plenty of breaks.

Protect others

Always obey road rules, to protect yourself, and those around you. Be mindful of oncoming drivers when using your high beams. Increase the distance between the vehicle in front of you, particularly in wet conditions, and reduce your speed when driving through fog or heavy rain. If your visibility is impaired, pull over and wait until it’s safe to resume driving.

You only have one job on the road and that’s to arrive at your destination safely. We believe we can take proactive measures to avoid driving related incidents and make the roads a safer place for everyone.

Contact us if you’re a driver looking for work, or alternatively if you’re an employer seeking reliable drivers to join your team.