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Woman in High-Vis Vest, Earmuffs and Safety Glasses

Labour Solutions Australia is ISO/IEC 17020 accredited for meat inspection services

​Labour Solutions Australia is proud to announce it's now recognised as a Type A inspection Body, operating in accordance with ISO 17020. This accreditation was obtained in accordance with the strict requirements of NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia) as required by the department.

Labour Solutions Australia takes pride in it’s long standing connection and experience in the Australian meat industry. It's through a team of specialists with years of experience and a relevant understanding of what is needed that has allowed us to succeed in this industry, benefiting our clients, and setting us apart from competitors. It's upon this basis that we're capable of offering a world class meat inspection service in accordance with international management systems through our highly qualified third party meat inspection professionals.

Labour Solutions Australia has an expertise in all facets of the meat industry and is committed to providing the highest quality standards of meat safety by implementing a set of well-established processes and policies to ensure impartiality, market access and compliance with the ISO 17020 guidelines for meat inspection.