Your Workforce Partner

At Labour Solutions Australia, we place great emphasis on building strong and lasting partnerships with our business partners.

As a leading workforce specialist, we know what our business partners want – and we work in partnership to fulfill their workforce needs.

We understand the workforce challenges that the Australian business faces and we’ve developed strategies and programs that respond to these specific needs, such as workforce mobility, flexibility and on-site workforce solutions.

However, there is no “one size fits all” approach at Labour Solutions Australia. Our partners vary from sole traders and medium sized operators through to multinationals. We work closely with our business partners to provide them with a workforce solution for each and every job.


Industrial Relations

Our unique industrial relations platform has been specifically developed for the specific industries in which our clients operate. This IR solution provides our clients and employees with a best practice industrial relations system providing:

  • Flexibility of pay rates suited to workforce and production requirements
  • Certainty of rates, terms and conditions
  • Industrial stability and security


Talent Networks

Our industry partnerships extend to include local, national and international networks to provide us access to an extensive talent pool that can address any workforce requirement for the construction industry, whether is be for a specific skill set or bulk labour.


Information Technology

Labour Solutions Australia are constantly making significant investments to our IT platform and systems allowing our business partners to experience industry leading and streamlined HR processes. These technologies have been developed to integrate directly with our clients existing systems, processes and technologies to create significant cost saving efficiencies in providing outsourced workforce solutions.

Some of the available technologies and software systems we have in place include:

  • Various mobile device applications
  • On-line role profiling
  • Candidate request
  • On-line timesheet and rostering system
  • Safety management system / risk assessments
  • Online incident reporting system
  • Place job orders
  • Update company information
  • View invoices / payments
  • Complete on-line candidate safety induction and registration system


KPI Based Rates Schedule

At Labour Solutions Australia we wear our hearts on our sleeves. So much so, we have established a KPI based rates structure for our performance. This KPI rates structure is based on a pre-arranged agreement with Labour Solutions Australia and our business partners. It’s our commitment to delivering and managing an industry leading service where we share any perceived risk with you. It’s this dedication and commitment that builds ongoing working partnerships in the Construction Industry sectors.