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Outsourced Payroll Solution

Taking The Headache Out Of Payroll

Payroll requires a significant outlay for any business, both in terms of time and expense. Getting it wrong can be a source of great demotivation amongst your staff. Getting it right every time, however, can have a huge impact on the atmosphere that you create in the workplace.

Partnering with Labour Solutions Australia to outsource your payroll can provide, not just peace of mind, but significant savings to your bottom line.

Understanding Your Business

Our approach to payroll rests on a thorough understanding of each of our client’s objectives, structures and processes. We invest the time to understand your needs, and offer potential solutions tailored precisely to your business.

One of our Project Managers will spend time with key stakeholders within your organisation, to identify current processes, specific requirements, and associated costs. In common with all our client engagements across all our services, we never seek to apply a ‘one-size-fits-all’ model. We seek to understand your organisation’s culture, and to engage with your HR and Finance teams.

This initial diagnostic stage will generate an ROI statement, and a plan to achieve your goals, incorporating process maps, internal education processes, links with established banking systems, and agreed reporting parameters. Smooth transition to the new processes is ensured by the application of Labour Solutions Australia’s proven implementation methodology.

Automation Is The Key

By reducing the human element from processing payroll, and utilising proven technology systems, substantial process efficiencies and error reductions can be achieved. Significant improvements can be achieved simply by moving from manual to electronic timesheets, as data received is more accurate and can be interpreted more accurately.

In the rare event of a discrepancy, Labour Solutions Australia maintains a payroll helpdesk for staff to call and receive prompt and sensitive responses to any queries regarding pay, super, or any other matter within the payroll environment.

In a facility that is unique to our industry, we have a rostering time and attendance facility that can capture time via onsite electronic clocks, online or secure phone. The set up of this system allows for complex modern award interpretations.

Labour Solutions Australia can link into your banking system through a digital signature, which is set up with established approval processes agreed by both parties. This also allows us to remit payroll tax and other state legislative charges on our clients’ behalf. We can also take care of all super payments through a superannuation clearing house.

All data is protected and secure at all times, and for additional peace of mind, all associated data files can be provided for storage within our clients’ treasury or finance departments.

Flexible And Transparent

Our approach to partnering with you on payroll is completely flexible. We can provide a fully managed service, or, if savings can only be achieved in certain areas, we can adopt a more modular approach.

Reporting is a key function of any payroll system, and we will work with you to provide tailored and transparent reporting. These can be as frequent and as detailed as you need them to be, and can incorporate tracking against historical data and previous benchmarks.

The cost of any engagement is also highly transparent, and determined by the level of technology required and number of payrolls processed.

Workforce Management For The Future    

Labour Solutions Australia can now offer WebKIT a flexible, internet-based workforce management solution to rostering, time and attendance. WebKIT uses the internet and an integrated SMS function to optimise the deployment of employees, and features:

  • time and attendance recording
  • scheduling and rostering, with the ability to produce bulk rosters and associated tasking
  • SMS transmission and receipt of shift details and staff acceptance, which also allows for employees to bid for vacant shifts
  • leave and absence management
  • labour and volume forecasting
  • budgeting, allowing forecasting of costs associated with a rostered workforce
  • task management, allowing the creation of task specific shifts, preventing unqualified staff from being rostered
  • employee self-service, allowing employees to view rosters and accept shift online
  • Using WebKIT has the potential to lower staff labour costs, increase productivity, improve customer service, and increase employee satisfaction.