Our Difference

Complete Labour Hire and Recruitment Solution

The Labour Solutions Australia recruitment and performance platform LSA SCOPE™ (Source, Co-ordinate, Operate, Partner, Engage) encompasses everything we do. It’s a platform with 5 core areas of focus that significantly adds to our business partners bottom line through cost reductions, enhanced employee engagement, productivity and output quality.

Combined with years of experience of partnering with large and small scale organizations, LSA SCOPE™ ensures that the workforce solutions strategy is the ideal fit for your workforce needs. The end result is a safer, more efficient and more productive workplace.

Labour Solutions Australia Services


  • Every candidate is tested using ProSourceTM Methodology
  • HR coordinators with first-hand industry knowledge & experience
  • Local, domestic & International Sourcing
  • Scorecard Analysis
  • Candidate Competency & Skill Set
  • Induction Services
  • Thorough Safety Inductions
  • Increased Long term retention of employees



  • Recruitment & engagement
  • Workforce mobility
  • Workforce scalability & flexibility
  • Rostering & workforce management
  • Employee retention & engagement
  • Local & domestic sourcing
  • International personnel
  • Pre-employment services



  • Complete Workforce Solutions
  • On-site or outsourced solutions
  • Alliance solutions
  • Transitional solutions
  • Packaged service solutions
  • Traditional labour hire solutions



  • Industry networks
  • Industrial relations
  • Talent networks
  • Information technology
  • Workforce safety management
  • KPI based rates schedule



  • Complete & Flexible Workforce Solutions