How do I ensure that I am always working?

  • Call your LSA Recruitment Coordinator when you find out a job is due to finish
  • Call your LSA Recruitment Coordinator if your availability changes
  • Call your LSA Recruitment Coordinator to keep your contact details up to date
  • Call your LSA Recruitment Consultant if you upgrade your skills

Before Assignment

  • Check clothing requirements with LSA Consultants. Different Employers may have different requirements. Must always have steel capped boots, hat, sunscreen, water bottle etc.
  • Make sure you take your timesheet. You must have your supervisors signature after each assignment.

Assignment tips

  • Be on time. In fact, try to be 15 minutes early on the first day of a new assignment.
  • Introduce yourself to co-workers
  • Leave a great impression. Every assignment is an opportunity and may lead to more work.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you have any queries concerning the tasks you are given or the company's facilities don't hesitate to ask. However, if you have any queries with the assignment, call your LSA consultant.
  • Clarify policy. Ask the client when it is convenient to take your lunch break, check the length of your lunch break and always seek permission before working overtime.

Safety Tips while on Assignment

As a LSA Associate, you are our company's most important asset. Always exercise due care while working for LSA. Most accidents can be prevented with proper caution - whether it’s an office or industrial environment.
Become familiar with each client’s safety procedures and equipment.

All unsafe working conditions should be reported immediately to your LSA Representative. Make safety a priority in the work environment.

Call LSA immediately:

  • If you are asked to perform work which was not part of your initial job description.
  • If you believe that your working conditions are unsafe.
  • If you are injured while on assignment before seeking medical assistance.

After Assignment

  • Make sure your time sheet is signed by your supervisor
  • Report to LSA if assignment is to continue the next day. You should contact your LSA consultant to confirm your next assignment.
  • Time sheets must be faxed or delivered to LSA head office by 9 am Monday Time sheets must be sent to LSA after you have completed the weeks assignments.


If you have any concerns in relation to your safety on at a workplace or your assigned role changes in any way what so ever you must contact your Labour Solutions Australia Recruitment Consultant immediately on 07 33673700