Coordinating Your Workforce

Coordinating all aspects of your workforce

In addition to sourcing the very best candidates for your organization, we will coordinate all matters relating to the supply and administration of your workforce

Our business partners vary from both sole traders and medium sized operators through to multinationals within the building, civil and landscaping sectors. It’s therefore crucial that we provide a service this both mobile and flexible to suit our business partners’ needs.


Workforce Mobility

We know workforce mobility is a critical component within the construction industry and our services take care of it all for you.

Our workforce mobility is committed to delivering multiple sites across multiple locations including:

  • Service coordination on all matters relating to the supply and administration of our employees
  • Workforce management, rostering & logistics
  • Reduced cost of staff administration, training and employment
  • Outsourced employee HR & performance management programs
  • Open access to expert advice in IR and OH&S
  • Reduced liability – We take responsibility for all OH&S training, rehabilitation and work cover management


Workforce Scalability & Flexibility

Our flexible workforce solutions can address a specific workforce need no matter how large or small. We work closely with our business partners by having work-ready candidates and teams available to meet your project requirements. All our specialist HR coordinators keep abreast of industry changes by being both reactive and proactive to your needs. 


Rostering & Workforce Management

Our expertise in rostering and talent pool management is a key area where we can add value to our business partners. We aim not simply to supply quality candidates, but to understand a client’s project cycles, and proactively anticipate demand for additional resources.


Employee Retention & Engagement

Labour Solutions Australia has developed industry leading strategies to ensure improved employee retention and engagement. Through investing in our workforce to ensure that not only do we source the most suitable candidate for each individual role but we ensure regular performance management and engagement strategies are utilized to ensure improved employee retention through:

  • Clear and effective lines of communication
  • Ensuring talent & skill utilization
  • Regular performance management reviews
  • Dedicated training & career programs
  • Safe workplaces


Outsourced Payroll Solutions

Our approach to payroll rest on a thorough understanding of each of our client’s objectives, structures and processes. We invest the time to understand your needs, and offer potential solutions tailored precisely to your business.

Our payroll project professional will consult with key stakeholders within your organization, to identify current processes, specific requirements, and associated costs. Like all our services, we never seek to apply a ‘one-size-fits all’ model. We engage with your HR and Finance teams to understand your organizations culture and operations model.