Employer Services

Labour Solutions Australia, a specialist market leader in the provision of reliable and flexible outsourced workforce and labour hire solutions. Our short and long term labour solutions provide our clients with a scalable solution. 

Labour Solutions Australia's processes works in partnership with our clients to achieve measurable results, enhanced cost efficiencies and productivity improvements through our unique and evolutionary processes in the attraction and management of workforces.
Labour Solutions Australia provides clients with:


  • The provision of a reliable and flexible workforce and labour supply solution to suit business requirements
  • Scalable workforce to ensure optimum staffing levels are maintained
  • Reduced administration, training and employment costs
  • Mitigation of many of the risks inherent with traditional labour "insourcing"
  • Unique and effective industrial relations platform
  • Outsourced performance management and employee HR programs
  • Workforce Planning Rostering and training
  • Innovative and industry leading technology platforms   
These established and proven processes ensure that all stakeholders achieve true value and return from their human resource investment. These proven processes have been developed through 8 core deliverables.
Sourcing & Creation of local labour pools
Local, Domestic and International Sourcing
Workforce Management / Rostering
Candidate Competency & Skills Fit
Industrial Relations  
Induction Service
Payroll Service
These core service deliverables combined with an experienced team and innovative technology platform provide a unique, flexible and reliable workforce and labour supply offering.


"Delivering Efficient & Reliable Workforce Solutions"