Horticulture Solutions

Harvest Labour Contracting

Labour Solutions Australia has considerable industry experience in harvest contracting for the agriculture sector. Labour Solutions Australia specialises in rural harvest labour hire working with some of Australia's largest farming operations throughout SE QLD, North QLD and the Bundaberg Region and into Victoria.

Labour Solutions Australia specialises in large horticultural projects offering ongoing harvest labour management services for both field and shed staff. Labour Solutions Australia's innovative and efficient solutions are at the forefront of the industry and have been designed and implemented to ensure greater productivity and return on investment specifically for this sector.

Labour Solutions Australia is the leading professional provider in harvest staffing requirements throughout Australia offering a personalised, professional and innovative harvest contractor service that is second to none, whether your organisation requires contractor field staff or supervisors on a single farm or whether you would like Labour Solutions Australia to develop a total human resource solution that is integrated to ensure all properties within the organisation are achieving the highest possible return on every labour hour through the Labour Solutions Australia systems, processes and people.

If your organisation would like to discuss the benefits and services that Labour Solutions Australia has to offer please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how Labour Solutions Australia's people, systems, processes and technology can assist in reducing your largest input cost.


·          Fruit Pickers

·          Supervisors

·          Harvest Trail Management

·          Tractor Operators

·          Quality Assurance

·          Shed Staff

·          Field Staff

·          Field Supervisors

·          Farm Managers

·          Shed Managers

·          Truck Drivers

·          OH&S