Recruitment Process Outsourcing Software  

Labour Solutions Australia has developed a unique and complete workforce outsourcing solution, based on the traditional recruitment process outsourcing model whilst providing a far more comprehensive total workforce solution. To assist in managing this workforce / RPO solution, Labour Solutions Australia has developed a unique software platform “E-Assess” which provides clients of Labour Solutions Australia with exclusive access to the proprietary software platform at no cost to Labour Solutions Australia workforce customers.
E-Assess allows Labour Solutions Australia to tailor and transition our client’s tradition application process to a web based (client branded) software platform. Labour Solutions Australia works closely with our clients to implement key recruitment and selection methodology covering key analysis of cultural / organisation fit, skills alignment, experience, licensing requirements and much more.
The software system provides a weighting in terms of the importance (based on our clients determination of importance) of each question during the application process to rank the candidates in terms of their suitability to the role ie John Smith 78% suitable. This completely automates the application / initial screening process and creates significant efficiencies from selection through to onboarding. The E-Assess software will also generate automated emails and letters to the applicants to ensure clear lines of communication are adhered to for both unsuccessful applicants and those progressing through the application process.
Some of the other benefits;

  • Online and automatic resume submission
  • Skills and experience
  • Automated screening throughout the application process to assess suitability based on multiple choice questionnaire format
  • Search applications based on geographic, skills and experience
  • Manage workflow through application process
  • Shortlist based on E-Assess weighted assessment
  • Automated and electronic communication to ensure candidates are well informed of progress or unsuitability throughout the application process
  • Live and active database to capture and establish “in time pool” of candidates specific for clients business