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Seasonal Worker Programme

We understand the challenges and difficulties you face sourcing local labour in peak seasons. The Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP) helps you solve this by offering a proactive solution to meet these workforce demands.

What is the Seasonal Worker Programme?

It's an initiative developed by the Australian Government that aims to meet labour shortages in the agriculture and accommodation sector. It does this by sourcing reliable workers from the Pacific Islands and East Timor. There are two primary objectives for the Seasonal Worker Programme:

  • To assist employers with meeting their seasonal demand.

  • And, to support and stimulate the economy of the nine participating countries.

How can I benefit from the Seasonal Worker Programme?

  • Access reliable and quality workers, particularly in peak seasons when labour challenges and shortages would typically arise.

  • Benefit from our guidance and extensive expertise. We're committed to this initiative and have been involved since its initiation in 2011.

  • Lean on our long-standing partnerships with recruitment agencies across the Pacific. You get direct access to our broad network to help meet your labour demands promptly and efficiently.

  • Rest assured of our professionalism, transparency, and ethical approach.

  • Eliminate the process of sourcing and training a new workforce each year. This will increase your overall output and productivity.

Contact us today to discuss who the Seasonal Worker Programme can benefit you and to find out if your business eligible.