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Pacific Labour Scheme

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It's becoming more difficult to attract Australian workers in regional and rural jobs. Even when you fill these roles, retaining this labour comes with its own set of challenges. To combat this, the Pacific Labour Scheme was created, providing you with a long-term and reliable solution.

What is the Pacific Labour Scheme?

The scheme is an initiative developed by the Australian Government. Its aim is to create chances for Pacific Islanders to work in rural and regional areas for up to three years. This not only benefits workers, but supports employers like you with meeting labour demands, especially with hard-to-fill regional roles.

We're one of the few labour hire and recruitment providers that's an approved employer of the scheme. We can help you source hardworking, reliable, and consistent labour. So, you can meet your production and workload needs.

How can I benefit from the Pacific Labour Scheme?

As well as gaining access to a stable workforce, you'll also receive the following benefits:

  • Reduced training costs, lower employment costs, and improved staff retention.

  • Be confident that you'll be fully-compliant by working with a trusted partner of the scheme.

  • Gain access to our widespread network and long-standing connections across the Pacific.

  • Provide a source of income and opportunity to Pacific Islanders and the broader community.

Contact us today to find out more and if your business is eligible for the Pacific Labour Scheme.