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Pacific Labour Scheme

It's becoming increasingly difficult to attract Australian workers to jobs in regional and rural locations. Even when you fill these roles, retaining employees comes with its own set of challenges. The Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) was created to combat this issue by providing you with a long-term and reliable solution.

What is the Pacific Labour Scheme?

It's an initiative developed by the Australian Government to create opportunities for Pacific Islanders to work in rural and regional Australia for up to three years. The scheme not only benefits overseas workers, but supports employers with meeting their workforce demands, particularly in hard-to-fill regional roles.

We wholeheartedly support this initiative. This is why Labour Solutions Australia has been a committed partner of the scheme since its initiation in 2018. Since then, we have witnessed the invaluable benefits and increased productivity for our regional clients.

How can I benefit from the Pacific Labour Scheme?

You'll be connected to dedicated and hardworking individuals to help meet your workforce shortages where local labour is not available.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced training costs, lower employment costs, and improved staff retention.

  • Lean on our extensive knowledge and expertise throughout the entire process. We'll do the hard work for you as a trusted and compliant partner of the scheme.

  • Meet your labour demands promptly and efficiently by gaining direct access to our widespread network and long-standing connections across the Pacific.

  • Provide a source of income and opportunity to Pacific Islanders, their families, and communities.

Contact us today to find out more and if your business is eligible.