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If you’ve ever interacted with us via email, or scrolled to the bottom of our website, you might have noticed a string of certifications.
But what do they mean, and why do they matter?

Every day, you give us, as your Labour hire company a great deal of responsibility. We work with hundreds of businesses and thousands of individuals every year. Certifications and registrations are a part of proving that we deserve that trust. They also help us to create process that makes working with us easier and safer to do.

ISO Certification
ISO 9001 Certification means we that we have quality management systems in place. We consistently provide services that meet a certain standard. ISO 4801 & ISO 45001 are the benchmarks in assessing Occupational Health and Safety. We’re also one of a very few SO/IEC17020 Accredited Meat Inspection Services.

StaffSure is a governing body where business, government and workers can find workforce Service Providers. It exists as an effective solution to stop exploitation of workers by ‘labour hire’ providers through a biennial program of audits aligned to international standards set as part of the StaffSure standard.

Because we are NATA accredited, you can rely on receiving quality testing and honest reporting completed with the integrity to stand behind all of our testing. To ensure we keep this high standard, annual Internal, External and NATA run audits are conducted.
State Legislated Labour Hire Licencing
Queensland, Victoria & South Australia all have individual Labour Hire Licencing schemes. If you operate in these states, you must have obtained the relevant licence – it’s a new minimum standard that has been implemented over the past 2 years

We have earned trust over our 15 years in business
It’s all about trust. Labour Solutions are a long established business, backed by AdCorp, a multinational corporation that takes their responsibilities seriously.
If you’d like to learn more about Labour Solutions feel free to give us a call on 1300 268 986.



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