4 Common Work Mistakes You Should Avoid


Yes, believe it or not, this no brainer list may seem obvious for some, but are common mistakes people make at the office. Have a read through and remember not to fall for any of them!

  1. Planning your next bash on your company e-mail

Yes, you may have friends at work you hang out with on the weekend, but having these conversations through your company’s email is probably not the best idea. Most big organizations have filters set up by the IT department which flags emails with inappropriate keywords to be reviewed later.  Some of the things you say may have repercussions and could cost you your job! Not to mention it also might put your hard work in doubt.

  1. Free WIFI?

The company you work at offers free WIFI as a benefit to its employees? This is great! You can connect your electronic device and start sending selfies to your friends at no cost!!!!

Well, perhaps you need to remember you are connecting to your organization’s network and they may have access to your data.  Be wary of what you send and if you have friends who are likely to send you inappropriate content, you may want to think twice before connecting to you company’s wifi.

  1. Company survey is here! Time to say what you think!

Hold on! Is this survey confidential? Remember confidential and anonymous have two completely different meanings and what you write can come back to hurt you. There is nothing wrong with saying what you think, but remember to make constructive, professional comments rather than ugly remarks regarding your boss or CEO. Remember there is a chance everything you say can be traced.

  1. Social Media means trouble!

Yes, you and your co-workers are getting along just fine… the next step in the relationship: add them on social media! Lucky you… but be mindful of where and when your pictures are taken. If you have some of your co-workers on social media you are giving them access to your personal life and it only takes a click to reach your boss that you “chucked a sickie” while you were actually taking that Friday off to have a long weekend with your friends.



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