Thinking of a Career Change? Here are 4 tips to get you started!


Thinking of a career change?

Boredom, burnt-out or simply in search of a new experience can be some of the reasons pushing people into a career change. But before making any major decision you must determine the main reason you are after a change. Is it your job? The people? Or your actual career?

Once you’ve had a clear answer to this question, it’s time to move ahead, but hold your horses! Before you make the big step, there are a few things to take into consideration.

What are my assets?

We all have a unique combination of assets, which include personality, skills, abilities, and experiences that will be relevant to bear everything you will do. Try to find a link between your current assets and the new path you are going to take in a way that prospect employers will easily understand why you are valuable to their business.

It is highly important you identify and discover your transferable skills. This will help you have a clearer idea of where you should start looking or what  you should do to complement your current skills for the new field. You may have to look into acquiring new credentials and qualifications needed to eliminate the current gap and take on any opportunity that appears down the path i.e. part-time job, training, etc.

Follow small steps to reach the top

Research into your preferred career path including which companies you would like to work for or you see yourself working for. Also, find out what the job entails and try to make sure you are aware it matches your needs and wants. Is there a good chance of work-life balance? What is the salary estimate? This will help you find out whether this career is a good fit for you.


You will have to be flexible about everything. You must be willing to start over and don’t let things such as employment status, relocation or salary stop you as you will need to start from scratch. Set realistic goals for yourself, but never let set backs stop you from pursuing what you want.

Right timing

Make sure your decision is backed up by economical stability and is the right timing for you to “go for it”. Are you going to be able or willing to receive a lower pay? Go back to school? Etc.  Also, remember the process might be lengthy and time consuming so you need to be sure you can afford the change. Look into your options and perhaps taking an internship while you are on your current job will be more suitable for you. You will never know for certain you will be happy in a new profession, but you can go for a sneak peek of what your new career will look like.


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