Are Meetings the Reason behind Dying Productivity?


Every person working in an organisation are well aware and active in every compulsory meeting… or are they?

Meetings… its a part of our weekly routine and familiar with everyone who is employed. Now, even though they are always deemed necessary, there have been differences in opinions for a quite some time now. The efficacy of these meetings are in question, so lets dive into it shall we?

The importance of meetings:

As we all know, the development that the corporate world is undergoing almost every day is the joint effort of every single person working hard in their departments. Since the effort given is combined, it is necessary that each work is done with considerable amount of co-ordination among the various departments. Meetings are arranged to make sure that this co-ordination works out in the best way and for the best interest of the people. Thus, the importance of meetings cannot be denied in this regard.

“Many workers have claimed that the time used in having meetings could have been used to do something more productive”

The opposing opinion:

However, many happy wheels workers surveyed seem to think differently. Almost 90% of the sample population of a study has come to the conclusion that meetings are a complete waste of time. Meetings are definitely important, but only when they end with a very satisfying conclusion to a troublesome problem. Otherwise, meetings just end up being a problem by themselves.

boring-meetingVarious explanations have been given about the uselessness of meetings in the present world. They have been considered ineffective and an old concept. Many workers have even claimed that the time used in having meetings could have been used to do something more productive.

Few reasons have been explained by certain prominent people as to keeping a meeting a time-saving and effective ordeal. Meetings should be held at appropriate times and for appropriate concrete reasons. It should also be maintained that the meeting ends with a concrete conclusion. This way, not only do meetings complete their reasons of being but they also increase productivity.


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