Sticking to a Strategy is the Only Chance of Success


Everyone has only 24 hours a day to live, play, sleep, work, and of course solve various issues.

It is a fact that we do not have enough time resources handy to solve each and every problem we want to resolve. So, in order to enjoy success, we should unrelentingly focus. Achieving and maintaining the right focus is one area most people fail, and this is why successful organisations make strategies. In order to nurture yourself as a successful person or professional, you can also develop your own strategies.


Developing strategies


Devising and implementing strategies basically focused on fighting with our own natural tendencies of saying “yes” to things around, and disallowing the appeal of being kind of a generalist. This requires an unrelenting iteration and high willpower, by keeping your vision focused on the goals at the horizon. A couple of questions to consider while developing your strategies are:


Q1: What is the problem you are trying to solve?

A strategy has three basic parts; a specific problem or a set of inter-related problems to solve, a coordinated approach to resolve the issue, and well-defined steps to accomplish it. So, the starting point of all successful strategies is a specific problem, which stands as an obstacle between you and the goal you want to achieve. Identify what’s yours.



Q2.With a strategy in hand, do you prioritise your resource as people, time, and money accordingly?

All the resources you utilise and the plans you make should contribute towards the success of your strategy and must be realistic. If it is not so, then you are probably losing the right focus and will fail to achieve the key benefits. Moreover, without this proper focus, you will be simply wasting your most precious resources and end up in an even worse situation than the current.


Q3. Dare to say a “No”?

Implementing the right strategy is more a kind of a contact sport. By setting forth a “No” at a multitude of alternate opportunities coming your way, you may be blamed to hurt the feelings of others and missing many other big opportunities to come. Be firm on the most desired “No” and explain to others the importance of staying focused on current success goals.


Q4. Have you ever reassessed your strategy?

Whatever pace you keep, you won’t win running in the wrong track. Situations and needs are changing, so we should too. Be open to the circumstances to gather inputs, and timely reassess and rework on your strategy to make it the most refined one.


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