Safety Report a ‘Wake up Call’


Safe Work Australia recently released a report titled Workrelated injuries leading to Hospitalisation (July 2006 to June 2009), which included some alarming findings.

According to the report, over the period the most typical area for incidents leading to a visit to hospital was plant and factory.

The report was found that injuries to the hand and wrist were responsible for 38 percent of work related hospital admissions. This was by far the most typical area of the body injured among workers throughout that interval.

The most typical activities connected with these injuries included:

Using powered plant or machines which was not correctly safeguarded
Using a powered hand tool or appliance which was not property safeguarded
Preparing food with the appliance or knive
Safeguarding was a difficulty in a substantial minority of the injuries, as was locking or jamming power tools.

Notably, amputation occured in somewhat more than one-in-ten (12 percent) in the production sector. This more than doubled other dangerous industries for example agriculture, forestry & fishing and building.

“A simple risk assessment might have prevented many of those injuries and amputations occuring,” Mr Moffat said. “Fortunately we’re now seeing the courts consistently taking black view of companies (and persons) that don’t supply the appropriate safe working environment with machines.”


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