Agriculture Production – Darling Downs


In 2009-10 the gross value of agricultural production (GVAP) in the Darling Downs area was $1.billion, which was 17 percent of the total gross value of agricultural production in Queensland ($9.1 billion) for 2009-10. This is actually the latest year for which data are accessible in the ABS on GVAP by division.

The Darling Downs have a varied and significant agricultural sector. In 2009-10, the Darling Downs accounted for approximately 86 per cent of the total value of Queensland egg production, 65 per cent of the total value of cotton, 62 per cent of grain sorghum, 56 per cent of wheat and 54 per cent of pig happy wheels production.

But, the main commodity in the area, founded in the value of agricultural output, is beef cattle. In 2009-10, cows and calves contributed 21 percent ($317 million) for the total gross value of agricultural production within the Darling Downs. Cotton accounted for 13 per cent ($196 million), wheat 11 per cent ($168 million), pigs 8 per cent ($126 million), grain sorghum 7 per cent ($107 million) and eggs 6 per cent ($95 million). Veg contributed 6 per cent ($92 million) for the area’s gross value of agricultural production, and milk and fruit each contributed around 5 per cent ($82 million and $73 million, respectively).


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