Reduce Injuries In The Timber Industry


Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has developed new guidelines to help take care of the state’s 20,000 lumber workers and decrease workplace injuries in the business.

More than 20,000 Queenslanders and their families rely on the lumber business for their support. But working with chainsaws, rolling logs, chippers, heavy machines and so on, often at height or in enclosed spaces, can be dangerous work.

Historically, the lumber industry continues to be among the state’s most dangerous, with higherthan-average injury rates.

The manual highlights security problems involved within the business like the usage of docking saws, chain saws, conveyors, cranes, plant and heavy machines, power tools, ladders, scaffolding and fire pits. It includes checklists and security surveys, contacts, tips on which to do in an urgent situation and guidance on which your legal duties are.


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