One Off Staff For A One Off Event or Job


Growth of any company means extra pressure on staff to get the job done. Growth may also mean bigger opportunities and one off events throughout the year, also putting extra strain on current staff. To reach specific deadlines, companies may need additional labour to meet the additional demands on the company for these one off events.

This can often be the case in the food processing industry where companies may be selected to process foods for large events, or regular annual holidays such a Christmas for example (with a high demand for prawns etc). As the turnaround time of food processing is already tighter than other forms of processing, meeting deadlines with only the current staff can be an impossible task. This is where labour hire companies become a necessity. Not only can they provide the required amount of staff for the required purpose, they also deal with the payroll and timesheets of these staff – so the increase in staff doesn’t lead to an increase in the workload of accounts in the company.

Although food processing labour hire may be one of the more common industries with these needs, other industries, such as the manufacturing industry can also come under similar strain. Another benefit of labour hire is that staff are only assigned for however long they are needed – so when the job is done you aren’t left with an overflow of unneeded staff.

For food processing or manufacturing labour hire in Brisbane, your best bet solution is Labour Solutions Australia where there is a pool of labourers ready to lend a hand in helping you meet those stressful deadlines and high turnover seasons.


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