Lifting & Carrying Techniques

    Step 1 

    Check or clear the area you will be carrying the object in


    Step 2 

    Check the load to make sure it is safe to handle


    Step 3

    Size up the load to check weight and stability Place your feet in proper position, with front foot beside the object facing direction of travel and back foot behind the object. Feet should be approximately hip width apart.


    Step 4

    Bend your knees!!! This will ensure you are using your leg muscles and not your back muscles.


    Step 5

    Obtain a proper hold of the item, with hands diagonally opposite and using your whole hands and fingers


    Step 6 

    Make sure your back is straight as possible and as close to vertical as possible


Step 7 

Finally always use your leg muscles. While lifting and carrying the load you should not turn or twist your body. Putting the load down is simply a reverse of the lifting procedure.


Step 8

Always remember: never lift anything that is too big, heavy or awkward.


    If you have any concerns about lifting and carrying tasks at your workplace please do not hesitate to contact Labour Solutions Australia on 07 33673700