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Labour Solutions Australia's specialist Agribusiness division provides reliable and flexible outsourced workforce solutions specifically to the Agribusiness sector. Labour Solutions Australia provides labour supply solutions to clients ranging from primary producers, farmers, harvesters, cultivators and processors with a huge variety of jobs that require experienced personnel.

Sourcing the Right Personnel for Agriculture Jobs: Australia Counts on Labour Solutions

Labour Solutions Australia has established the largest office network within the Agribusiness human resource sector with office locations in Toowoomba, Goondiwindi, Moree, Narrabri, Gunnedah, Gippsland and Mareeba. These regional offices are supported by metropolitan locations in Brisbane, Sydney and the Gold Coast to provide unmatched ability to experienced and professional candidates.

Whenever we’re given the task of finding personnel for agribusiness jobs, Labour Solutions Australia works in partnership with our clients to achieve measurable results, enhanced cost efficiencies and productivity improvements through a flexible and reliable labour supply solution for a large variety of jobs and positions, ensuring all stakeholders achieve true value and return from their human capital investment.

Labour Solutions Australia provides our Agribusiness clients with:

  • The most experienced team of Agribusiness professionals in the HR sector - from our Directors to our Administration staff Labour Solutions Australia has the most experienced team of HR professionals offering unique and proven business solutions for jobs of every type and size
  • An established network of strategically located office locations to ensure labour supply for a variety of different agribusiness jobs
  • Provision of a reliable and flexible workforce solution to suit seasonal demands
  • Scalable workforce solution to ensure optimum staffing levels are maintained despite the fluctuating demand of different agribusiness jobs
  • Reduced administration, training and employment costs for jobs in this industry
  • Reduced liability - Labour Solutions Australia is responsible for all OH&S training, rehabilitation and workcover management
  • Access to Labour Solutions Australia's extensive pool of farm workers with experience in a variety of different jobs and roles
  • Unique and effective industrial relations platform
  • Outsourced performance management and employee HR programs


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"Delivering Outsourced Workforces to Regional Australia" 


For further information please do not hesitate to contact our Agribusiness head office on
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