Smart 50 2012

Smart50 rank: 17
Revenue: $34,495,538
Growth: 96.67%
Founders: Andrew Northcott, 28
Head Office: Queensland
Employees: 55
Industry: Property and business services

The recruitment industry has been through a lot in the past few years, especially after the financial crisis when businesses scaled down their hiring activities significantly.

So it’s a wonder that Labour Solutions Australia has managed to transform from an $800 operation to a national success turning over $34 million a year.

Founder Andrew Northcott says the worst part is looking back and realising what could have been done differently, but counters that by saying his focus on attracting great staff has helped immensely.

“We now have a national footprint and having been named the fastest growing recruitment business in Australia two years running are able to attract a higher calibre staff base with a fantastic culture and team environment whereby the individuals thrive and have real career progression opportunities.”

It’s a tough time for recruitment now, though. Successful businesses are focusing on service delivery, and many operators are entering the market with an attempt to undercut competitors.

But Northcott says customers are looking for more than a bit player – and that’s what Labour Solutions offers.

“At the end of the day we deal with people who are making life changing choices and companies making incredibly important hiring decisions. A great outcome cannot be achieved over the phone, webcam or by scanning resumes.”

As a result, this focus on premium services means Labour Solutions is sitting in a sweet spot. And it’s this attention to experience that Northcott says other entrepreneurs should take to heart.

“Listen to great mentors and work extremely hard to achieve your goals. Establish a clear direction and never go off track and never lose sight of the goal.”