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Australian Graduate Survey Highlights
5 Aug 2014

The latest Graduate Careers Australia results show graduate employment is at 71.3%, the lowest since 1992/93 when it reached 71.2%. {read more}

What’s interesting is back in 92/93 the country was recovering from 1990s recession, whereas the 2013 numbers show that job prospects have continued to fall since the global financial crisis in 2008.

Of the 43,359 survey respondents who were looking for full time work, 18 percent were only working part time, while a 10.6 per cent were unemployed. While in 2012, only 15 per cent were working par time and 8.6 unemployed.

Despite these figures, graduates still have a strong presence among the labour market according to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, with only 3.4 per cent unemployed, compared with a 7.8 per cent among those with no post school education.

Disciplines with employment rates higher than 90% were mining engineering, medicine and pharmacy graduate, while the worst included visual and performing arts with 48%, life science with 52%, social sciences 56% and 59 in humanities graduates.

July 2014 Australian employment figures
10 Jul 2014

The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently announced Australia’s unemployment rate soared to a 12 year high of 6.4% in July. {read more}

Despite this increase, only an approximate of 300 jobs were lost. The peak seems to be influenced by an increase on the participation rate which increased 0.1% from 64.7% to 64.8% indicating people who ceased their job search for a while are now back on the labour market.

June 2014 Australian employment figures
19 Jun 2014

June employment figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics have stated that Australia's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate has increased by 0.1% percentage points to 6.0%. {read more}

Just under 16,000 people gained employment throughout June, however, the interesting information coming out of this data is that part time employment is on the rise while full time employment is dropping away.
Seasonally adjusted figures show that 3,900 less full time positions were offered in June, however, 19,700 more people took on part time work. When you dig a little deeper into this data, it appears that female full time employment is on the rise while men taking on part time work is on the increase.
In the battle of the states, New South Wales is the winner with 10,000 more jobs being offered in June whilst the Victoria's employment figures are down by some 15,300 jobs.

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