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More Men Work Part-Time
13 Oct 2014

Data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed an increase of men in part-time work, with 17.4% of all male employees involved in a part time position.

Safe Lifting at The Office
7 Oct 2014

Regardless of the type of job you are performing, knowing how to lift safely is important to prevent injuries and back pain. Make sure you follow these tips to avoid work-related injuries.


Unemployment Rate Trend (2009 - 2014)
12 Sep 2014

Our Operations Director, Ed Hinschen, offers a quick summary on the Australian Unemployment Rate Trend over the last five years.



Interview - Chief Operating Officer Bruce Toerien - Capacity (South Africa)
5 Sep 2014

Capacity's Chief Operating Officer, Bruce Toerien, was at Labour Solutions Australia Head Office this week. We took the opportunity to discuss and elaborate on comparisons between the Australian and South African labour markets.

July 2014 ANZ Job Advertising release
27 Aug 2014


Recent data published by ANZ, suggests there is a gradual improvement in Australian labour demand. 

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This conclusion is reached due to a modest increase of 0.3% in job ads during July, 6% higher than at the end of 2013. This growth is influenced by a rise in online job advertisements of 0.4%, despite recent volatility in the labour market.

While newspaper ads, which account for approximately 5% of the overall job ads, fell by 2.8% m/m. Regardless of market volatility, newspaper ads seem to be easily trending in a number of states, with NSW and Victoria been the highest, while in ACT and South Australia this trend remains weak. 

It seems quite positive that Labour demand has continued to improve this year, even though this pick-up remains slightly moderate.