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Labour Solutions Australia Ranked 9th Fastest growing business in Australia and the

Fastest growing Recruitment business in Australia

A shift away from engaging full time staff to outsourcing temporary employees has worked in favour of recruitment firm Labour Solutions Australia.

Over the past year, companies have shifted towards using temporary outsourced workforce. Managing Director Andrew Northcott says. “Our business has matured to a point where Labour Solutions Australia has the right systems to service this trend.

Northcott started Labour Solutions Australia while studying at university in 2004. Although he majored in property economics, he turned his attention to recruitment when he saw a growing demand in Brisbane’s recruitment market.

In 2008 he created another arm of the business, LSA Recruitment, to provide other recruiters with the opportunity to join a national organization without the need for huge capital. LSA Recruitment is based on an owner operator model, which gives successful recruiters a chance to own and manage their own business.

Northcott says it is designed for recruitment operators to become part of a national network. “That’s important in this industry, because it allows boutique agencies to supply recruitment services to their clients nationally”

That same year, Labour Solutions invested heavily in a new IT platform. “We developed a platform integrating all of the software into one environment. Northcott Says. This will help growth through developing efficiencies and supporting business owners and staff by offering improved and more reliable service levels”