Bullying in the Workplace


Everyone has the right to work in a safe, happy environment. You should never feel threatened, humiliated or victimised at your job. If you do, this could be bullying. If you’re unsure on how to deal with bullies at work, there are actions you can take to stop it.

What is workplace bullying?

Workplace bullying is when someone is repeatedly treated badly by someone they work with. It can be many things from physical threats to teasing or leaving you out. If someone else’s actions are threatening your health or safety at work, then it’s bullying.

What it’s not

Your workplace has the right to review your performance. This will help you do your job more successfully. Your manager can make decisions about poor performance, take disciplinary action or direct the way you work.

Management action that isn’t carried out in a reasonable way may be bullying. If you feel like you’re being bullied, there are some easy things you can do to nip it in the bud

Take Notes

It can be hard to remember exactly when and why you felt bullied. Keep a record to help you remember the specifics and to show that you’ve been treated badly more than once.

Understand what will happen if you report the bullying

It’s a big step to accuse a co-worker of bullying, so it’s normal to feel nervous about telling someone about it. Try to remember that it’s part of your manager’s job to make sure everyone feels safe at work.

Meet with your manager and refer to your notes. Outline what’s been going on and how it’s affecting you. It’s likely that your manager will need to involve us or the human resources (HR) department at this point. They’ll make a note of what happened and investigate. A lot of the time, they’ll try to sort it out through mediation.

The person who’s bullying you could be given a warning or even lose their job. If your manager is the person who’s bullying you, then there are other people you can go to.  If you’re an LSA Employee, you’re welcome to flag the issue with us, if not, then go to your managers boss, or the HR Department.

LSA are committed to a safe and happy workplace, and we are here to help.

If you have any issues with the way you’re being treated at work, or you’re an employer looking for assistance in resolving a bullying issue, contact us on 1300 268 986.


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