Tips to Avoid On-The-Job Injury


Food Processing is one of the industries facing the most job-related injuries. There are many dangers while working in different industries and it is important employees are aware of the specific dangers related to their job.

Contact with machinery

Workers must be alert at all times while operating machinery or while in the proximity of machinery. Companies must make sure an induction is conducted with all new workers and every employee operating machinery must receive the necessary training. All employees must be aware of where the shuts-offs are located in case of an emergency. Serious injuries such as entrapment or amputation can be avoided by simply having constant training and reminders on workplace safety tips.

People must not be allowed to work unless using the correct PPE, for example cut-resistant gloves are recommended for any employees working around sharp objects, and the gloves must be the perfect fit to avoid the glove becoming stuck on the machinery. Even though PPE is made for protection, employees must be aware they are protective and not hazard proof, therefore, preventive measures should be taken into consideration.

  • Machinery guards can not be removed while equipment is operating.
  • Lockout tag-out devices must be used to ensure employees know the machine is disconnected prior to performing any work.

Potential electrical contact must be looked into. Electrical wires and connections must be protected at all times to prevent damage and accidents. A constant check must be performed to make sure no frayed or broken wires are left in this condition.

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