The upside of permanent recruitment


In today’s changing labour market there are clear advantages of a temporary, scalable workforce. But retention is an under-valued and increasingly underutilised business objective.

Every hiring manager knows recruitment is a time-consuming process. Candidates have to be targeted, screened, interviewed and trained before it’s back to business as usual. While casual workers suit many seasonal and contract-based roles, there are times when a job simply calls for experience and stability. When you find the right person, it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep them on the books.

Here are three reasons you should considered the benefits of using labour hire specialists to recruit permanent staff for your business.


  1. Forward planning

Attracting and retaining talent is critical to any business’s success, and ensuring business continuity requires prudent human resource management. If your business model allows you to strategise months or even years ahead, a permanent workforce makes great financial sense. Ideally, a job that’s anticipated to be long-term and with fixed requirements will be carried out by the one employee. With time on their side, that worker can instigate efficient workflows and best practices – processes unlikely to be developed by short-term or contract workers.

  1. Committed employees

Permanent positions provide employees with security and a team mentality, two key drivers for high performance, particularly with millennials (workers aged 18-29). There have even been a number of Australian studies into loyalty and culture development that go as far as suggesting permanent staff actually out-perform temporary staff in mid- to senior-level roles, largely because they see a future with their employer. A temp worker might push through a sale quickly despite the customer or product not being well matched, or take shortcuts to bump up their performance statistics. However, a permanent worker has a vested interest in what’s best for the company in the long-term. In short, if you commit to them, they are more likely to commit to you.

  1. More candidates

A permanent role is far more attractive to a winder range of candidates who may already be in employment. If two identical jobs are being offered, many candidates will choose a permanent position over a temporary one due to improved job security, benefits and opportunities for career advancement. If you are offering a temporary opportunity with the possibility of going permanent at a later date, it’s unlikely someone in a stable full time position will risk leaving his or her current role for the possibility of long-term employment.

In Australia, there is a general misconception that labour hire is a once-off, temporary solution. However, Labour Solutions Australia (LSA) works closely with its clients to ensure the right attraction and selection strategies are in place to find the best person for the job – whether it’s for a couple of weeks or for several years. Importantly, once the right talent has been secured, experienced labour hire experts ensure they are retained and fostered within the business.

Remember, both temporary and permanent recruitment types have benefits and challenges. Contact the expert team at LSA to find out if permanent recruitment is right for your business.


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