Holiday Season – The Productivity Challenge


Too many distractions, for both staff and management, make it hard to focus during the holiday season. Parties, events and increasing workload make it difficult to find a balance if there is no strategy in place. Therefore it is vitally important to plan ahead to keep the workload under control. Whether you are in Construction or Food processing, the challenges remain similar, new product launches or a deadline to finish construction work right before Christmas can place plenty of pressure on the business.

Here are some tips on how to remain productive during the holiday season:

  • Make sure your goals are clear. Create a timeframe with room for the unexpected; this can come in handy when meeting deadlines.
  • Explain your needs to your workforce management team. Whether you may need extra people on call for a new production line shift or construction labour hire in case things get tight, it is important you communicate your end goals correctly to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Make sure your good housekeeping habits and safety measures are reinforced constantly throughout the year. Preventive measures can help avoid unexpected delays.
  • Communicate with your on-site team. Explain your goals and work together to make them happen.
  • When choosing your labour hire provider, make sure they are specialists in your field. Dealing with people who understand your industry and have candidates readily available will make this busy period a whole lot easier!

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