How Your Business Can Save Money With Safety


It is often heard people believe safety “costs too much” buying PPE, training staff and setting up new procedures can be  expensive, but have you ever thought of the costs involved if everything goes wrong? Not only monetary (which can be very high) but it can also affect you emotionally.

Like some say, better safe than sorry! Here are 5 examples on how your business can save money with safety:

  • When companies have a good health and safety program in place, workers tend to be less stressed and fatigued. Everything runs smoothly, increasing productivity while staff maintains a higher level of mental and physical health. These also mean less sick days, allowing you to complete projects on time.
  • When people have a clear mind, they tend to make less mistakes. Less mistakes mean you won’t have as many unplanned time outs and everyone can keep up the good work.
  • No accidents means no paperwork to be filled out and you can take away one more stress from your shoulders.
  • Workers will more likely feel secure and safe while working with you, increasing the chances of them staying.
  • Did you know most safety related expenses are tax deductible? Yes, training and equipment included.   According to Section 8.1 of Income Tax Assessment Act 1997  Safety expenses are considered a necessarily incurred cost in carrying on a business for the purpose of gaining assessable income.
  • Less resources spent training new employees to replace injured workers.


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