Walk The Talk: Courageous Safety Leadership


While most safety related talks focus on tips and motivation for workers in the front line to attain to safety guidelines, it is important to understand the impact a courageous safety leadership can have in safety performance.

It is crucial that all companies emphasis the importance of safety in the workplace.  Many have taken a step forward and implemented a courageous leadership program which focuses on empowering employees to speak up when they believe something is not right.  They encourage employees to continually improve the safety of their work environment while ensuring safety is not only preached, but implanted in the company culture. This value-based approach will challenge existing beliefs and attitudes towards safety; making each and every one of you a happy wheels safety leader.

As a manager or supervisor you need to show people you care, you know the risks and you are working on minimising them. Try making site visits often, talk with employees to understand their concerns and once an issue rises look for solutions, listen for suggestions and most importantly, monitor to ensure these measures are sustained.

Keep in mind the effort will be continuous to reach the desired results and zero incidents can be achieved regardless of the risks involved if you give your team the right tools and a strong base to keep up to.

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