How to Encourage Incident Reporting


Incident reporting helps organisations move towards a most desired zero incident environment.  For this to happen employees must trust their company takes safety seriously.  The more reports you get, the easier it becomes to identify problems and improve safety overall. With a great deal of effort from everyone in the business tragedies may be prevented. Here are 5 ways to encourage incident reporting:

  • Make things clear: Incident reporting is a positive thing and no one will lose their job for letting management know what’s wrong. The more confident they feel, the easier it becomes to speak up.
  • Reporting should be easy: forms should be of easy reach to everyone. No one wants to spend time away from work to fill up paperwork or have numerous questions asked. Straight forward forms are better and will get the results.
  • Allow anonymous reporting: it can take away workers concerns. It may not be ideal because you won’t be able to follow it up, but better to know what’s going on than miss important information.
  • Listen: Don’t assume you know what happened. Allow everyone to give their opinion and discuss their concerns. Don’t play the blame game; instead work hard to prevent it from happening again.
  • Follow up: Make sure issues are addressed quickly. Determine the factor which caused it, asses the risks for the future and implement a contingency plan. When things get taken seriously, it makes employees aware of how important it is.


To report a safety incident or near miss email: or contact us on 1300 268 986


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