How to Prevent Ankle Sprains


Some people tend to overlook Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and think “It’s not going to happen to me” until it does. PPE at the workplace must be taken seriously; it can prevent injuries or lessen your risk of accidents occurring.

An injury that may seem simple for many can cause a lot of problems, an example of this being a sprained ankle. You may be very careful, but if you don’t have the right equipment to support and protect your ankle/foot, this can easily happen.

How to prevent ankle sprains

  • Ankle sprains can be prevented by wearing well-fitting steel cap boots.
  • If this is a type of injury you are likely to have, you should consider using sports strapping tape or an ankle brace to provide extra ankle joint support.
  • Lightly stretching can make a huge difference.
  • Check your workspace and avoid uneven surfaces when possible.

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