Fatigue in the Workplace


Fatigue in the workplace is a growing issue which is sometimes taken lightly by workers. People need to keep in mind fatigue or drowsiness, which is the dangerous state before sleep, mixed with a heavy work schedule can be extremely dangerous.

Fatigue is a workplace hazard and shift workers are the most affected by this. They are frequently working against their body clock and fighting their daily rhythm to stay awake making it hard to focus. Fatigue affects the ability to think clearly and act appropriately, making workers less alert, less productive and more prone to accidents and injuries.

What can you do to reduce fatigue?

  • Get sufficient sleep
  • Have a regular bed time routine and make sure your bedroom is dark, cool and comfortable.
  • Reduce alcohol intake
  • Eat healthy nutritious meals
  • Tell your supervisor if you are feeling fatigued
  • Vary your tasks so you don’t get tired





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